About Us

ES Consulting Firm, is a group legal entity that provides tax and accounting consulting services. Since its inception until it became a firm legal entity on July 18 2014, built from the beginning of friendship in 1997 and the same enthusiasm in the field of taxation, they have formed a strong partnership between one another. Currently, the ES Consulting Firm has offices in Multika Building, Floor 1, Suite 108, Jalan Mampang Parapatan Raya 70-73, South Jakarta – 12790.

The challenges of an increasingly diverse business world and increasingly fierce competition require applicable planning strategies and maximum effort from all business units in a company, to achieve business goals, namely: increasing profits and sustainable company effectiveness. The rapid and rapid transformation of business processes, followed by dynamic fiscal policy, will more or less influence the direction of policy in the business world. Business actors are expected to always adapt company policies to applicable tax regulations.

This is what underlies us to provide maximum tax and accounting consulting services related to company operations so that your company can fully concentrate on business activities without having to worry about being hit by tax and accounting problems which sometimes drain the energy and thoughts of business people.

Maximize your business and hand over your tax and accounting matters to us, we will provide the best service, with the end result being that your business development will grow according to expectations because without tax problems we can sleep and eat deliciously. Honesty, trust and hard work are our breath in providing services to our clients.

VISION: To become a National Standard Tax Consultant with a Reputation for Honesty and Trustworthiness.

MISSION: Providing quality tax services and opening taxpayers’ horizons so they can understand all aspects of taxation and contribute to nation building in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations.